The Dixie Dolls Trio loves to pay tribute to our Nation's heroes- both past and present!   We volunteer on holidays at the VA hospitals,  singing at bedsides and in dayrooms, as well as low-budgeted assisted living facilities and certain Veteran organizations and military functions.   
We are happy to partner with groups that give tokens of appreciation to Veterans and Servicemen and women. We have begun a project called Operation Reach Out,  where we ask for donations of small holiday-themed stuffed toys or patriotic gifts such as flags,  which we then distribute at the VA hospitals and assisted living homes,  on the holidays. 
We also perform on a "donation-only" basis for certain organizations such as the American Legion and VFW. 
If you feel your organization falls into this category,  please contact us!   We attempt to make our shows affordable for all non-profits and low-budget facilities.   (Please note that depending upon your location, travel fees may be required).